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Report Writing on “Broad-Day Light Robbery” Report writing for class 10, 11 and 12 Students.

Broad-Day Light Robbery

Dec. 12: In what seems to be a scene lifted from a Bollywood crime thriller, two well-dressed persons in their mid-twenties, entered a jewellery shop in the inner circle of Connaught Place and made away with a booty of an estimated 25 lakhs worth of jewellery, and all this at a time when the place is crowded with window shoppers. The incident took place around 1.30 p.m., immediately after the shop hung the “Lunch Break” board outside the shop. Two young men walked inside the shop with mobiles in their hand. The owner of the shop was about to leave for lunch. They took out revolvers having silencers and fired in the air. After that, they threatened the employees, numbering around seven, with dire consequences if they opened their mouths. Within fifteen minutes they collected the booty, tied up the employees, and made away. It was after 10 minutes that they left that one of the employees, who managed to free himself, rang up the police. Although no reports were forthcoming from the police, but they are probing into the angle of an inside man in this incident. Surprisingly none among the crowd could even make out what was happening and even the security guard was not present when the persons made their entry. He usually goes for lunch for fifteen minutes, so the involvement of an inside man cannot entirely be ruled out.


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