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Pte Essay on “These days modern technology has become a part of the life for many people”

These days modern technology has become a part of the life for many people. Still another section of society knows nothing about it and is unlikely to learn. This will give birth to a polarized society. What will be the effects of such a change? What can be done to solve them?


In modern days. everyone is taken aback by the alarming speed at which information technology invades the life of people. Only a few manage to keep pace with this sprawl and the rest lag behind. Thus there arises a rift between them. This situation is bound to inflame a lot of chaos in the society.

The main problem this phenomenon may bring about is that the lower strata of the society will be left even further behind economically. To illustrate, most of the essential services in life like education, banking and communication require a basic level of knowledge about modern technology. However, most of these advancements are beyond the ken of the rural folks. This will make their life turn worse from bad as all the jobs and education will require a basic understanding of the modern technology.

However, it is a reality that no country can develop keeping a section of society in dark. Government should undertake the task to educate the backward section. The curriculum should be updated as per the requirements of modern living. This way, the people of both rural and urban areas can be equally educated about the latest developments in modern technology.

In sum and substance, it can be said that the application of modern technology in life is an inescapable inevitability. Hence, it is utmost necessary to make the population able to use the latest gadgets based on modern technology.


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