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Pte Essay on “Some people say that there should be no government control over artists”

Some people say that there should be no government control over artists and that they should be allowed to present their art in any way they wish. Do you agree or disagree?


Art knows no form of boundaries. In fact art comes to form when the mind is allowed to wander free. When a piece of art is created, an artist would not take into consideration what impact it will have on its audience but when presenting it to the audience, it sure demands certain degree of censoring so that the sentiments are unhurt.

Though art is not created to hurt feelings, the way a piece of art takes form may not be acceptable to all. According to law, all the citizens of a country shall have the right or freedom of speech and expression. Also, the state has been empowered to impose certain ‘reasonable’ restrictions on grounds like security of state, friendly relations with foreign states, public order and decency and morality, contempt of court, defamation, incitement to offence and integrity and sovereignty of a country.

Expression of art in the form of writing is very powerful way of communication. It inspires people in masses. Also, it is one of the most accessible sources for public to get information. In short, it is a great source to communicate between the public and the administration. Now, if such a vital source gets polluted, the consequences would be grave, consequently calling for reasonable restrictions.

Moreover, other forms of art like movies or pictures also call for the same treatment. Recently, a famous painter, renowned worldwide for his works, was also restricted for one of his paintings. There may be some works so intriguing that they may affect the psychology of not only children but adults as well. So, the good will needs to be propagated.

Art surely knows no boundaries but to present some works of art we need to make rules to make them presentable socially. Moreover, we cannot regulate the creativity in an artist, we can only regulate its presentation to people. Although it may be painful for the artist when his works are amputated, nevertheless, it is the need of the hour sometimes.


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