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Pte Essay on “Should ragging be banned in Educational Institutions?”

Should ragging be banned in Educational Institutions?

Decades ago, ragging was started as a positive attitude. The main purpose of ragging was to introduce the fresher to their seniors in educational institutions but with the passage of time it has become a nightmare for the students. By looking at the dangerous side of this practice, it goes beyond discussion that ragging should be banned in educational institutions.

Ragging has become such a poisonous tree which spreads venomous feelings in our society. Now the word ‘ragging’ stands for terror, horror, humiliation, scolding or even threat to life. The main reason behind it is lack of discipline in the educational institutions. Nowadays, students are more interested in showing their money and political influence even in schools and colleges. The first reason is that the family as an institution has nearly broken down in India. Also, the excessive accent on freedom and  modernism has played havoc. Undoubtedly, another cause is the crudity we see on the television channels and movies. All these reasons together make the matter worse.

Increasing incidents of ragging raise a serious question how to tackle this serious menace. The first and foremost suggestion to curb it is to strengthen the anti-ragging policy. Next, the media can also do a lot more to put down bullying in campuses. It should do stories which expose the moral values other than glorifying sex and violence among the youth. Above all, unity among students and the wholehearted support from the management can definitely eradicate this social evil.

In compendium, nowadays, the term ‘ragging’ is giving an evil face to the educational institutions. Parents’ dreams are shattering before getting fulfilled but the higher authorities are still in dilemma how to take rigid steps against this atrocity. The elimination is not difficult if there is a will.


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