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Precis writing solved exercise with Title “Strike-A Legitimate Weapon” for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Passages with Solved Precis

In India, no one section of the community seems to miss an opportunity to go on strike. Almost, every day we read in the newspapers of some one or the other going on strike, quite often for the flimsier reasons one can imagine.

Strike is a legitimate weapon of the workers to get better pay, shorter hours of work and better working conditions when all the other methods have failed. But, to resort, to strike because some action has been taken on an erring colleague or because some headstrong subordinate was not treated with respect, is meaningless. Unfortunately, in India the tendency to go on strike seems to be fairly wide-spread not only among workers but also among others. The taxi-drivers go on strike if the police asks them to fix meters. Students go on strike because they feel the question is too stiff for them to answer. Slum-dwellers go can strike because they have been asked to move into new tenements built for them.

Strikers are the last to realise that they are the ultimate losers in most cases. Their gains are only apparent. Increased wages may not benefit them unless, they are related to increased productivity. When an employer is forced to increase his worker’s wages, without a corresponding increase in production, as is most often the case his cost of production goes up and this in turn increases the price of his product. So, though the workers may get more, he will have to spend more to get his minimum requirements and this is what is happening today.


Strike-A Legitimate Weapon

Hardly a day passes when we do not find some or the other wings (section) of society going on strike. Unfortunately, the strikes are indulged in for most trivial causes. Strike is certainly a legal weapon in the hands of workers to be used when all other channels have failed. But it is being used most indiscriminately. The workers do not realise that even if they get their pay packets increased, ultimately, they only will have to bear the brunt as their necessities will cost more.


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