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Precis writing solved exercise with Title “Rejuvenating India’s Past” for Class 10, 12 and Competitive Examination.

Precis exercise on “Rejuvenating India’s Past”

It is not this that we have to break with, but with all the dust and dirt of ages that have covered her up and hidden her inner beauty and significance, the excrescences and abortions that have twisted and petrified her spirit, set it in rigid frames and stunted her growth. We have to cut away these excrescences and remember afresh the core of that ancient wisdom and adapt it to our present circumstances. We have to get out of traditional ways of thought and living which, for all the good they may have done in a past age, and there was much good in them, have ceased to have significance today. We have to make our own all the achievements of the human race and join up with others in the exciting adventure of Man, more exciting today, perhaps than in earlier ages, realizing that this has ceased to be governed by national boundaries or old divisions and is common to the race of men everywhere We have to revive the passion for truth and beauty and freedom which gives meaning to life and develop afresh that dynamic outlook and spirit of adventure which distinguished those of our race who, in aces past, built our house on these strong and enduring foundations. Old as we are, with memories stretching back to the early dawns of human history and endeavour, we have to grow young again, in tune with our present time, with the irrepressible spirit and joy of youth in the present and its faith in the future.

Words in the original passage = 258


Solved Precis:


Title: Rejuvenating India’s Past

Nehru wants to do away with the old and useless things of the past. They have crushed the soul of India. The great values of India’s ancient culture must be reshaped and renewed. Old traditions which have outlived their utility must be discarded. The people of India have to become modern and progressive. They must combine the best of the past with the best of the present and build a new India on the strong foundations of her past.

Words in the precis = 85


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