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Precis writing solved exercise with Title “Ashoka, the Great” for Class 10, 12 and Competitive Examination.

Precis exercise on “Ashoka, the Great”

Ashoka seems to have ruled his vast empire in peace and with great ability. He was no mere religious fanatic. But in the year of his one and only war, he joined the Buddhist community as a layman, and some years later became a full member of the Order and devoted himself to the attainment of Nirvana by the Eightfold Path. Right, Aspiration, Right Effort, and Right Livelihood distinguished his career. He organised a great digging of wells in India and planting of trees for shade. He appointed officers for the supervision of charitable works. He founded hospitals and public gardens. Had he had an Aristotle to inspire him, he would, no doubt, have endowed scientific research on a great scale. He created a ministry for the care of the aborigines and subject races. He made-he was the first monarch to make an attempt to educate his people into a common view of the ends and ways of life. He made vast benefactions to the Buddhist teaching Orders, and tried to stimulate them to a better study of their literature. All over the land, he set up long inscriptions rehearsing the teachings of Gautma, and it is a simple and human teaching and not the preposterous accretions. Thirty-five of his inscriptions survive to this date. Moreover, he sent missionaries to spread the noble and the reasonable teachings of his master throughout the world.

Number of words = 237

Solved Precis 

Title: Ashoka, the Great

Ashoka was a great and able ruler. He fought only one war. Disgusted with war, he became a staunch Buddhist, believing in Nirvana through the Eightfold Path preached by Lord Buddha. Ashoka was a man of lofty character and actions. He initiated a large number of public welfare schemes and worked a lot for the commonweal. At the same time, he preached Buddhism by sending missionaries to different lands and by getting his edicts carved on various rocks and pillars.

Number of words in the precis = 80


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