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Pocket Money, Complete English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 9, 10, 12 and Graduate Students Exam.

Pocket Money

Pocket money is what parents give to their children to spend. A child can spend his pocket money as he or she likes. Sometimes parents guide a child as to how to spend it wisely. Poor parents may not give pocket money to their children regularly. But they do give as often as they can afford. They give it, especially at festivals and fairs. My parents allow me a good amount of pocket money. It is not fixed. It varies from month to month. My father is a businessman. Whenever he is in a jolly mood because of good business, he gives me a fat purse as my pocket money. I do not spend all my pocket money. I save a part of it and deposit it in my bank account. I have opened a Savings Bank account in a nearby bank. I buy books on chess as it is my hobby. I have a good collection of books on the subject. Once in a while, I go to see a dance recital or a stage play with my friends. I also spend some of my pocket money on sweets and ice-creams. Once I helped Ravi to pay his school fee out of my pocket money. His father was away on a tour and he did not have sufficient money. He felt so obliged. After his father’s return, he soon gave me my money back. Last year I gave my mummy a pleasant surprise by presenting her with a beautiful watch on her marriage anniversary. I had bought it from the savings of my pocket money. I often buy things for my little sister out of it. She feels so delighted whenever I surprise her with sweets, a pencil box, and a fancy dress. My pocket money has helped me to learn how to spend wisely and save simultaneously. It is easy to spend, but to spend wisely is a bit difficult. But to save money is more difficult.


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