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Paragraph or Speech on “My Neighbour” Complete Paragraph or Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Describe your neighbor


My Neighbour


Essay No. 01

Our neighbours are the people who live close to our house. I have always known the importance of maintaining good relations with my neighbours. Man is a social animal and he always wants to have cordial relations with others. No one likes to live in solitude. A bad neighbour must be kept at a distance because too much familiarity with such a neighbour can cause avoidable unpleasantness for us. He can become a nuisance and day and night we can become the victims of such neighbours. We should always attempt ways to be in the company of good neighbours. My next-door neighbour is Mr Mohit Verma. I consider myself lucky to have him as our neighbour. He is an extraordinary person. Mr Verma is a good and decent man. He and his family are cordial to one and all and they believe in maintaining a good rapport with all the people in our colony. His family is very social they often arrange small get-togethers and parties where the elders sit together while all the children enjoy their parent’s attention while they play with the other children living in the colony. Mr Verma is a doctor and he always helps his neighbours in times of need. He never refuses to visit a patient even in the middle of the night. He has hardly ever displeased anyone. He is polite and well mannered. His kindness has spread through the colony and all the people in our colony try to be like Mr Verma. On the other hand, I have another neighbour called Mr Mittal who is the exact opposite of Mr Verma. He is the most uncultured man I have met. He has an ill temper, he is selfish and never likes to share anything with his neighbours. He picks up fights very easily and he is very foul-mouthed too. No one likes to talk to him. He and his family generally keep to themselves as no one likes to mingle with people who are self-centred and petty-minded. Mr Verma has set a good example for us all and we all hope that he will continue to be our neighbour for a long time to come.


My Neighbour

Essay No. 02

A good neighbor plays a very important role in a man’s life. He is perhaps the more important person than even relatives and friends. It is said that a good neighbour is the greatest blessing of the almighty. He shares our joys and sorrows. But a bad neighbour is the greatest nuisance. I am lucky to have a very good neighbour namely Rakesh Kumar Arora. He is a businessman. He is dealing in cloth. He is helpful, cooperative with his temper over trifles. He is very hospitable, polite gentle time of the day. He advises me now and then to take a deep interest in my studies and his advice always stands me in good stead. I am proud of Mr. Arora.


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