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Paragraph on “Winds” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12


Air which is constantly moving around the Earth is caned ‘Wind’. Wind movement is influenced by the Sun’s rays and the Earth’s rotation. Air which is heated by the Sun’s rays becomes lighter and rises upwards thus creating a low pressure area, this area is filled by cold air which is heavier. The cold air is again heated and rises while the warm air becomes cold as it moves upwards, this sets in motion the cycle of wind. Most of the air gets heated at the Equator and after rising it creates a calm zone called the ‘Doldrums’, at higher altitudes this air cools down and moves downwards about 20° north and south of the equator, at areas which are known as `Horse latitudes’, and flows back towards the equator as North Eastern and South Eastern Trade winds. Similarly air is also heated around the Horse Latitudes, these winds flow northward and southward and are called ‘Westerlies’. Finally we have the ‘Polar Easterlies’ which blow in the polar regions. The constant spinning of the Earth also effects these winds and they tend to blow towards the right in the northern hemisphere and towards the left in the southern hemisphere. Since these winds are constantly blowing in this manner, they are called, ‘Prevailing winds’. Seasonal winds or winds which change their direction are called monsoons and are generally rain bearing in nature.


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