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Paragraph on “Weather Conditions in the Making” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Weather Conditions in the Making


We have sunny days and we have days when the sky is covered with clouds which is Mowed by storms and rain. These changes are a part of the weather conditions which exist, on the Earth. The Sun is responsible for the weather conditions existing on the Earth. Since the Earth is round and tilted on an imaginary axis, the Equator receives a maximum amount. of the Sun’s rays. On the other hand the Polar regions receive a very small quantity of sunlight because the Sun’s rays are tilted and spread over a larger area at the poles. This results in the equator becoming an area where the air is very warm and the polar regions becoming an area with cooler air. Warm air rises upwards and moves towards the polar regions or cools down at higher altitudes and tends to move downwards. The cold air in the polar regions does not rise and begins to move towards the warmer areas. This is where the weather cycle starts. The Earth’s rotation also contributes its hit by pushing the winds westward. Next in line the land and sea masses also have their effects, since land heats up much faster than water. As a result we have air currents and cloud formations which give us the varying weather conditions. Water evaporates from the Earth’s surface and combined with dust particles in the air, it forms clouds in areas known as ‘Warm fronts’. At the higher altitudes these vapour bearing clouds come in contact with cold air currents, called ‘Cold fronts’ which cause condensation, resulting in rain. Weather is forecasted with the help of pictures received from weather satellites and surface conditions as observed by various observers around the world. The predictions are done using maps of the world which have lines called `Isobars’ and ‘Isotherms’ drawn upon them for marking area with high or low air pressure and temperature conditions respectively.



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