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Paragraph on “The Ozone Layer” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

The Ozone Layer

The Earth’s atmosphere comprises of various layers, the first which extends up to 10 km from the Earth’s surface is the Troposphere’. Above this is the ‘Stratosphere’ which is between 10 and 50 km, then the `Mesosphere’ between 50 and 80 km and finally there is the  ‘Ionosphere which is located between 80 and 501) km from the Earth’s surface with temperatures as high as 2000° centigrade.

About thirty kilometres above the Earth’s surface in the Stratosphere is layer of gas which surrounds the Earth, this gas is called ‘Ozone’, which is a form of Oxygen. As the Sun’s rays enter the Earth’s at atmosphere, Ozone filters the harmful Ultra violet rays and prevents them from reaching the Earth. If this layer were not there then the Ultra violet rays would destroy all life on Earth. Because of its acting as a filter, this layer is a warm layer with temperatures in the range of 50° centigrade. Increased industrial development on Earth has in turn increased the pollution level-in the air, besides this the use of certain chemicals including `Chloroflurocarbons’ (i.e. CFC’S) has begun to destroy this layer and holes in it have been discovered over the Antartica and the Arctic circle. Depletion, of the Ozone layer would result in an increase in temperature on Earth and a rise in the water levels of the oceans not to mention the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Environmentalists are concerned about the depletion of this layer. World-wide campaigns have been launched to control pollution and the use of certain ozone destroying chemicals. The biggest contributor to pollution levels is the smoke which comes out of the exhausts of vehicles and the smoke from the factories and power stations. Various precautions can be taken in day to day life so that pollution levels are decreased and the ozone layer saved.


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