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Paragraph on “The Lymphatic System” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

The Lymphatic System

The Lymphatic system is a system of vessels spread all over our body. This system works in close coordination with blood especially with white blood cells. It is responsible for collecting surplus fluid, called Lymph fluid, from our body alongwith other foreign particles and chemical waste. Like the arteries and veins, the Lymph vessels too branch out in the end to form lymph capillaries, these capillaries collect excess fluid and waste from the walls of body tissues. Lymph vessels are not found in the nervous system, cartilage, teeth and bones.

All over the body lymph vessels join up with each other to form small knots, these are called ‘Lymph Nodes’. Like other systems in the body, this system too has organs which include Tonsils, Thymus and the Spleen. Of these the spleen is the largest, its main function is to act as a blood filter and to make antibodies. It is located just under the diaphragm on the top left hand side of the abdomen. The spleen removes all old and worn out cells along with any foreign cells or bacteria from our blood. Besides this the spleen makes antibodies, proteins circulating in the blood, which immobilise all foreign proteins if they are present in the blood. Another important function of the spleen is the manufacture of most of the blood in the body of a child before it is born.

The Thymus is another important organ of the lymphatic system. It is located in the rib cage and is very big in size in a child. This organ helps in developing the immune system of the body, as a child grows older and the body’s immune system become stronger and the thymus shrinks m size gradually.

The other organs of this system are the Tonsils which are located at the beginning of the food and air passages inside our mouth. They too help in maintaining the body’s defence against disease though their exact function is not known.


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