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Paragraph on “The Iron Age” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

The Iron Age

Subsequent to the use of bronze and copper, man learned how to use Iron. It was probably in 4000 B.C. that the first objects made with iron appeared in the Middle East. The first people learnt how to hammer iron into various shapes, it was much later that they discovered that iron could be heated and hammered into various shapes much more easily. It was around 1500 B.C. that people learned how to extract iron from heated iron ore and then hammer it into the required shapes. The Celts of Europe were the first to use these techniques.

Some of the earlier implements and tools made in this manner included razor or saw blades, knives, tongs etc. The furnaces in which the ore was melted were shallow hearths made of stone. These hearths were filled with iron ore and charcoal. The charcoal was set on fire and bellows were used to raise the temperatures. Once the iron ore was hot enough, it collected at the bottom while the impurities floated at the top.

These techniques used by the Celts slowly became popular and around 1000 B.C. spread to the other parts of Europe. Around 400 B.C. this technique of making things out of iron spread to other parts of the world including China. The Chinese contributed to the development by making powerful bellows which allowed the temperatures to be raised much higher thus producing iron of a better quality. Parallel to these developments, iron was also used in a similar manner in Egypt. Evidence of this is found in the form of tools and weapons in various tombs of the Egyptian rulers of that period. The early Assyrians also knew how to make weapons and coats of mail made out of iron. The advent of the Iron age was probably the most significant phase of human development. Subsequently the advent of the Industrial revolution further advanced the use of iron in various forms which continues even today.


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