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Paragraph on “The Explorers” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

The Explorers

In the earlier days man’s knowledge about his surroundings was limited to the geographical area in which he lived. Over the years many great men set out to explore the unknown far reaches of our planet. These explorers go back to the 7th century when the Chinese philosopher Huan Tsang explored Asia and India. In those days the mode of travel was very slow since it was limited to animal back and hardships of all kinds had to be borne enroute. It was only as late as the 15th century that the advent of sea worthy ships helped the explorers in sailing on high seas to explore new lands. The advent of the Renaissance changed many ideologies in Europe and once facts about our planet became clearer, explorers like Christopher Columbus and Vasco-da-Gama sailed to discover new lands.


Great Explorers and Their Explorations

300 B.C.    Pythias, a Greek, explored Europe and reached England.

1271-95     Marco Polo travelled to China, India and Burma.

1325-49     Ibn Batuta explored East Africa, Middle East, China etc. 1487-88           Bartholomew Dias sailed around the Cape of Good Hope. 1492        Christopher Columbus discovered the West Indies.

1498          Vasco-da-Gama made the first journey by sea to India.

1519-21     Ferdinand Magellan began his voyage around the world. 1768-79    James Cook explored the Pacific and Antartic Oceans.

1876-77     Sir Henry Morton Stanley explored the Congo in Africa. 1903-06    Amundsen made his voyage through the north west passage. 1909    Robert Peary led his group and reached the North Pole.

1911          Amundsen reaches the South Pole for the first time.

1912          Robert Scott reaches South Pole but dies enroute on return. 1968     Wally Herbert leads a surface crossing of the Arctic Ocean.


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