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Paragraph on “Storms, Hurricanes, and Tornadoes” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Storms, Hurricanes, and Tornadoes

Storms are basically very strong winds. Most Storms or Thunderstorms take place when large masses of warm air rise rapidly thus forming large cumulonimbus clouds, others may occur along cold fronts in temperate regions. Storms result in heavy downpours of rain after which the sky becomes clear. Storms are generally accompanied by thunder and lightning. As the large clouds form, strong currents of air cause the raindrops and hailstones to collide. These collisions produce electric charges which flash across the skies in the shape of lightning. As the light, bolts are discharged from the clouds, the heat from the flash makes the air expand suddenly thus producing loud sounds, which we call thunder. We often see lightning leaping between the clouds and a high spot on the ground, this occurs when negative charges at the base of a cloud attract a positive charge on the ground thus causing a bolt of lightning to leap from the cloud and be drawn downwards. Most storms don’t cause damage to life or property, but there are the more severe ones like the hurricanes and tornadoes which are dangerous and are formed when hot and moist air rises upwards over tropical oceans and the spinning of the Earth causes this air to spin and spiral upwards. The centre of a hurricane is calm and is called the ‘Eye of the Hurricane’. Hurricanes generally move with winds at high speeds of over 300 km per hour and bring torrential rain and devastation to coastal areas. The most devastating and violent storms however are the tornadoes which are basically whirlwinds formed under a large rain cloud. Tornadoes are known to have produced winds which move at speeds of over 350 km per hour. As the warm and moist air in these tornadoes spirals upwards, more air rushes in to replace the rising air, this causes strong winds to blow and suck up dirt and heavy objects from the ground and the spiralling  effect wrecks houses etc.


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