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Paragraph on “Sign Language” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Sign Language

For thousands of years people who were partially or fully deaf were looked down upon and treated as outcasts. On occasions they were also considered insane and locked up in asylums. In the sixteenth century an Italian doctor took upon himself the task of developing a method to teach deaf mutes by using certain characters. Research carried out by him helped in developing the ‘finger alphabets’. These were successfully used and developed upon, though it was only a hundred years later that the first school for the deaf was established in Germany. Today there are such institutions in every country for educating the deaf. The term deaf D actually applies only to those people who were born without the power of hearing and not for any other person who lost his or her hearing, due to an injury, after learning how to talk. In a majority of cases persons who are deaf are also dumb. This is so because a deaf person has never heard any spoken words and so he cannot create the sounds he or she has not been associated with. This condition can of course he remedied today and many deaf children can be taught to talk with the help of special therapy. Earlier the deaf were taught to communicate only with the help of the hand alphabets but today it is a combination of hand alphabets and sign language. The deaf are also taught how to understand what the speaker is saying by reading his or her lips, this in turn assists them in imitating the motions and learning how to speak.


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