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Paragraph on “Savannahs” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12


Tropical grasslands in hot areas with scanty rainfall, are called Savannahs. The best example of these are the grasslands of Africa. Savannahs are mostly covered with oat-grass and a small number of Baobab and Acacia trees since this type of vegetation can survive in hot areas with seasonal rainfall. Trees are less in number because grazing animals cat the small shoots and as such too many trees do not develop. Small lakes or ponds called water holes can be found scattered in the savannahs and these are frequented by animals who come there to quench their thirst.

Savannahs are rich in wildlife of all types, carnivores and herbivores are found here in large numbers. A large number of grazing animals like zebras, wildebeests, gazelles etc can be found moving around in large herds. These grazing animals provide ample game for the carnivores and as such a large variety including lions, cheetahs, wild dogs, hyenas, jackals etc are found here. Amongst the birds we have Ostriches, bustards, oxpeckers, weaver birds, bulbuls, storks, shrikes, vultures etc. Nature is able to maintain a balance between vegetation and animal life and both are able to exist in the savannahs.

In the grassy patches herds of zebras chew the tops off the grass and the wildebeests feed on the remaining stalks. Elsewhere one species of animals feed on one type of vegetation while another finds something else to eat. The population of herbivores is controlled by the carnivores, lions and cheetahs hunt down the herbivores and feed upon them, the remains of these hunts provide food for vultures, hyenas etc. Some of the worlds most beautiful wildlife parks are located in the savannahs and are a major tourist attraction for people from all across the world. Conservationists have also used these grasslands to breed more animals of the species which were becoming extinct.


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