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Paragraph on “Oceans Currents of the World” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Oceans Currents of the World

Just as the rays of the Sun warm the air in our atmosphere and create surface winds, the rays also have their effect on the water in the oceans. As we know, the Sun’s rays fall straight at the Equator, this results in a quicker heating of the water in the oceans in that area. As the warm winds blow towards the colder regions, they blow the upper layers of heated water in the oceans to relatively colder areas and vice versa. The warm water which moves towards the colder regions forms warm currents which are then replaced by colder water currents flowing in from the relatively colder regions. The flow of these warm or cold currents along the coasts of the continents effects weather conditions by increasing or decreasing the temperatures or resulting in other phenomenon like fog etc. Ocean currents can also be divided into surface currents and deep sea currents. Most surface currents are warm currents while the deep sea currents are mostly cold currents since they bring in cold water from the colder regions. Mostly all seas and oceans have water currents except some like the Sargossa Sea which has still waters. Some of the main currents include :

Kuro Siwo Current which flows near the coast of Japan.

North East Monsoon Drift which flows in the Indian Ocean.

South Equatorial Currents which flow south of the Equator.

Agylhas Current which flows between Africa and Madagascar.

Brazil Current which flows along the east coast of S.America.

North Equatorial Currents which flow north of the Equator.

Peruvian Current which flows along the west coast of S.America.

Gulf Stream which flows along the east coast of N.America.

North Atlantic Drift which flows along north western Europe.

Benguela Current which flows along the western coast of Africa. Labrador Current which flows along the Eastern coast of Canada. Californian Current which flows on the west coast of N.America.


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