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Paragraph on “Motor Racing” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Motor Racing

The first motor car race took place in the year 1895 in France and it was won by a man called Levassor. During this race he achieved a top speed of 24 km per hour while driving a Panhard between Paris and Bordeaux. Car racing became popular after this but it was considered risky because the races were held on city roads and there was the constant risk of an accident.

These car races were followed by an international series of races organised by an American called Bennett in 1900, which was followed by the Grand Prix series in 1906. The Grand Prix takes place each year and the racing events are some of the most thrilling ones. The competitors in these races drive Formula One racing cars. A formula one racing car is different from other cars. These cars are very low and the driver sits in front of the engine. The engine generally has upto 12 cylinders and is very powerful. These engines allow formula one cars to accelerate upto speeds of 350 km per hour and the drivers can get a variety of speeds with the help of the five to six speed gearboxes. These cars have very broad tyres with no tread on them. There is a large Aerofoil at the back of each car which helps it in maintaining a grip on the track.

Grand Prix races are run on circuits, which are specially constructed wide roads having bends and straight stretches. Around these circuits there is a seating arrangement for spectators and maintenance bays for the racing car crews. The sides of the circuit are generally made of piles of hay or other cushioning material. The car drivers wear special fire proof suits and crash helmets. In case of an accident there are fire tenders and ambulances standing by. Between the start of the race and it’s end, the cars travel around the circuit a number of times. Each trip around the circuit is called a ‘Lap’ and the person who finishes the race first is declared the winner.


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