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Paragraph on “Lowly Plants” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Lowly Plants

Much before the first flowering plants came into being, we had the lowly plants. These plants did not produce flowers and they have not changed much in shape for millions of years, though they may have developed some new species. They are called lowly plants because they don’t have supporting fibre inside them and as such they can’t grow much in size. However one exception to this rule is the Fern, which can grow higher than the rest. Most lowly plants make their food with the help of a green pigment called Chlorophyll while some of them like Fungus use other decaying matter for food.

Unlike other plants, lowly plants do not produce seeds for reproduction, they use spores and some of them like Algae multiply by cell division. Fungi spores are constantly present in the air and they look for an appropriate environment to multiply. If we were to leave a piece of fresh bread in a damp environment for a day or two, we would see that it develops a green coloured growth on it, this is Fungus which develops from the spores in the air. Lowly plants include Ferns, Moss, Liverworts, Algae, Bracken, Polypody, different types of mushrooms like Death cap, Stinkhorn, Sickener and others like Dryad’s saddle, Chanterelle, Horn of plenty etc. Moss and Liverworts lack roots and are simple forms of plant life and they thrive in damp places and reproduce with the help of spores. Not all lowly plants lack roots. Ferns have roots and a stem as well which allows them to last longer and grow higher than others because their stems can convey nutrients.

Algae on the other hand are the simplest form of plant life. Moss and seaweeds are their commonest form, they grow on rocks on the seashore and in damp places. Lowly plants also include mushrooms which multiply through spores in hot and humid conditions. Some forms of mushrooms are eaten what there are others which are poisonous.


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