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Paragraph on “Kingdom of Birds” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Kingdom of Birds

Birds are a marvel of nature, they are the only warm blooded animals which possess feathers and have the capability to fly. Over 9,000 different species of birds live in the world in all kinds of conditions and habitats and feed on all kinds of food. Birds are vertebrates and have skeletons with hollow and light bones. The organs in their bodies include a heart, liver, intestines, kidney and lungs. They have very strong chest muscles which help them in flying, while their tails provide them with the necessary balance and help in changing direction. Their bodies are covered with feathers which are made of the same material from which our nails and hair are made.

Most birds build their nests on trees but many live in all kinds of places, Eagles for example live on rocky ledges in the mountains while the Cuckoo leaves its eggs in the nests of other birds. Birds lay eggs in their nests and develop their young by sitting on these eggs and keeping them warm. Bird eggs have a hard outer shell with a Yoke inside. The offspring feeds upon the yoke and develops in a few weeks, it the & breaks open the outer shell and comes out. The parent birds feed the offspring in the nest till it develops its feathers and is old enough to fly. Birds use the breaks for pecking at food and for eating it, it is for this reason that different birds have different types of beaks. A parrot for example has a hooked beak which helps it in holding and tearing up soft vegetables and fruit, worm eating birds have beaks which are long and thin so that they can dig into the mud to find worms. Pelicans on the other hand have pouches under their beaks to help them in catching fish. Most birds have a good sight and hearing but a poor sense of smell. Birds have different colours and they make different sounds which help them in protecting themselves from predators or for recognition and mating.



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