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Paragraph on “Human Skeletons” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Human Skeletons

Our body has a structure of 206 bones which is called the Skeletal system. These bones act like a scaffolding and help in giving our body the shape we see it in because without the bones our body would collapse and and become a shapeless mass. In the centre the skeleton is supported by a spine which comprises of different pieces of bone, called Vertebrae, connected to each other. The spine is also called the back bone and all animals who possess it are called Vertebrates. In contrast animals like Jelly fish and Octopuses don’t have back bones, which explains their shape, and they are called Invertebrates. Besides giving the body a shape the skeleton also plays an important part in protecting delicate organs of the body like the Lungs, Heart, Brain etc. In detail the human skeleton has 29 bones in the skull, 26 in the spine, 32 in each arm, 25 in the chest and 31 in each leg. The smallest bones are located in the ears and the largest one is the thigh bone. Bones in our body are made up largely of calcium and phosphate and are tough. Blood is constantly supplied to the bones through tiny blood vessels  which pass through it. There are  bones in our body which have a soft jelly like core, this core is called bone marrow. It is in the bone marrow that fresh blood cells are created. To provide strength to the skeleton and provide us with motion, bones in our body are connected to each other in the form of joints. These can be of various types i.e. fixed joints, as in the case of the skull. hinge joints as in the elbows to provide movement in one direction and ball-and-socket joints as in the hips to provide movement and twist in two directions. There are some softer bones in our body as well, these are called cartilages and include the bone inside our nose. When a baby is born, most of the bones in his body are in the shape of cartilages and as the child grows they become harder to form proper bones.


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