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Paragraph on “Facts about Our Body” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Facts about Our Body

THE BODY IS MADE OF 65% Oxygen, 18.5%, – Carbon, 9.5% Hydrogen, 3.3% Nitrogen, 1.5% Calcium, % Phosphorus and 1.2% of other material.

EYES ARE OF DIFFERENT COLOURS because in most cases we inherit the colours of our eyes from our parents.

HAIR BECOMES GREY because in later life some or all of our hair grow without the pigment which gives them their colour.

THE FUNNY BONE is a point on our elbow where a nerve passes very close to the surface of the skin and a knock on this nerve stimulates a mild shock.

A SLIPPED DISC is the bulging out of a weakened cartilage between two vertebrae in our spine.

A REFLEX ACTION is an automatic action which happens without a person thinking about it i.e. withdrawing the finger after touching something hot.

TENDONS connect our muscles to the bone joints.

LIGAMENTS are elastic tissue which connect two bones in a joint.

A CARTILAGE is a protein fibre material and feels like a soft bone, it is found in our ear, nose, windpipe and trachea.

BONES MEND because of the body’s own process of regeneration.

TEETH HAVE TO BE BRUSHED so that bacteria don’t cause teeth decay by thriving on the food stuck between our teeth.

GERMS are minute living organisms which cause illness and disease.

A COLD IS CAUSED by viruses infecting the lining of the nose and throat.

GOOSE PIMPLES ARE caused when you feel very cold and skin between the hair rises.

BLOOD TRANSFUSION is the transfer of blood from one person to another. WE CRY BECAUSE our tear glands produce tears very quickly when we are upset.

BODY TEMPERATURE IS CHECKED because an increase in body temperature is a sign of illness.

TWINS ARE BORN when a fertilised egg splits into two and two embryos begin to develop.

A TEST TUBE BABY is produced when an egg, extracted from a woman’s ovary, is fertilised outside her body and then returned to her womb For further development.


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