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Paragraph on “Deciduous Forests” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Deciduous Forests

Most of the broad leaved trees found in the northern hemisphere are called deciduous trees. Since winter is harsh in the northern hemisphere, these trees shed their leaves in the autumn months and conserve their food reserves and prevent loss of excessive water. Trees of this type are mostly found in the forests of North America, Europe and North Asia. This family of trees comprises of over 100 different types, however some of the well known ones include Tulip trees, Magnolias, Hickories etc which are found in the North American forests while trees like Beech, Birch, Oak, Ash etc which are found in Northern Europe. Deforestation has taken it’s toll on these forests as well. There was a time when the Deciduous forests were spread all over the northern temperate region, unfortunately today the area covered by these forests it is much less. These forests consist of various levels of vegetation, the upper most are the tall trees which provide cover to a host of smaller trees which in turn have shrubs like blackthorn, holly, hazel, honeysuckle etc growing below them and finally on  the ground is covered with other smaller plants or moss. Berries in the shrubs and fruits on the trees attract a lot of wildlife and as such these forests provide a home to a lot of plant eating animals. These plant eaters become food for predators thus there is a cross-section of wildlife in these forests.


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