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Paragraph on “Climatic Belts of the World” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Climatic Belts of the World

The usual weather condition in a particular part of the world is called the Climate. Climates can vary between various parts of the world and between the equator and the poles. Climatic conditions are influenced by various factors including proximity to the equator, landscape, proximity to the sea or ocean etc. However climates can be classified into five main types. Polar climates are found in the polar regions where it is extremely cold all around the year and the ground is always covered with snow. The people who live in these areas cannot grow any crops because of the snow and they survive by hunting animals. Cold forest climate areas are mostly covered with Coniferous forests and they have long and cold winters having average temperatures, below -3°C. The summers are short and relatively cool. These climates are found across N. America and Europe. Temperate climates are found in the Mediterranean regions, the winters are cool and summers are warm. Rainfall can vary around the year and the temperatures don’t usually go beyond 18°C. Desert climates are of two types i.e. hot and cold. In the Hot deserts, the ground is usually covered with sand and the days are extremely hot, followed by cold nights. Rainfall is very scanty and usually does not exceed 250 millimetres in a year. The cold deserts have a rocky and barren landscape with cold and dry climate. Both types of deserts have scanty or no vegetation. Tropical climate is found in the tropics where it is hot all around the year and rainfall takes place almost everyday. The ground is mostly covered with thick forest and heavy undergrowth. In tropical areas where rainfall is scanty, grasslands are found over large parts of land, as in the African Savannahs.

Climatic conditions largely influence the life-style, clothing, food, housing etc of people from area to area.


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