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Paragraph on “Camera and Photographs” complete paragraph for Class 9, Class 10, Class 11 and Class 12

Camera and Photographs

The camera and photography were not invented by a single person, they developed in stages over a period of time. In the 12th century an image transferring device called the ‘camera obscura’ was used for the purpose of showing an image on plain paper so that it could be traced, this camera however did not take any pictures. In 1568 a lens was fitted to this camera, in 1802 the images from this camera were recorded and a contact print was made of the image, this print was however not permanent. In 1816 a crude photographic camera was developed, which allowed the making of a negative image.

It was only in 1839 that a man called William Fox Talbot was able to make permanent positives from negatives. In the year 1888 the camera was first sold commercially by the Eastman Dry Plate and Film Company.

This camera had enough film in it for 100 exposures  and once exposed, the camera was sent back to the company, who opened it, processed the film and sent the camera back duly reloaded with unexposed film. Talbot continued to refine his work and was able to make permanent enlargements from negatives. In the year 1844 he was the first person to publish a book which was illustrated with photographs.

The process is not very different today for black and white photography. Light allowed to go in through a camera’s lens exposes a negative film, this film is developed in a dark room and fixing chemicals put to it so that it becomes permanent. Once dry these negatives are loaded on an enlarger, enlarged to the required size and transferred to a positive paper. This paper is then developed and fixed, thus producing a permanent photograph.

 For colour photographs paper with three different colour i.e. red, green and blue, emulsions is used for making the final photograph.


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