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NSQF Question Paper 2017 for Summative Assessment-2 (SA-2) Information Technology “402”,”462″ Class 10

Series 402/462                                                                                              Code____


Roll No.________




Summative Assessment – II

Information Technology



Time Allowed: 1 Hour                                                                                  M.M: 30


Section – A

Multiple Choice Questions


Q.1         When you freeze a row ____________________ remains constant.


  1. Header
  2. Sort
  3. Chart
  4. Print


Q.2         The Process of arranging the items of a column in some sequence or order is known as :


  1. Arrange in
  2. Auto fill
  3. Sorting
  4. Filtering


Q.3             The ____________option is used to print only the text part of the presentation.


  1. Outline
  2. Sorter
  3. Handout
  4. None of these



Q.4                 Which outlook function is similar to using sticky notes?


  1. Journal
  2. Notes
  3. Calendar
  4. Tasks


Q.5                 ______________appointments can be used for repetition task.


  1. Journal
  2. Notes
  3. Recurring
  4. Calendar


Q.6                 A database is a complex type of :


  1. Database Structure
  2. Application
  3. Manager
  4. None of these



Section – B


Q.7                 How to insert a table in Presentation by using INSERT TAB ?


Q.8         Seema wants to give identical designs to all the slides and handouts, she is going to print from her presentation.


  1. Which two methods can she use to accomplish her work?
  2. Compare the two methods and in list their differences.


Q.9                 What is the usage of calendar sharing?


Q.10               Explain the following DML commands : SELECT, INSERT.


Q.11               What is a primary key? Explain with example.



Section – C


Q.12               Write the steps to share the worksheet data.


Q.13               Write down six tips to make your presentation effective.


Q.14               Write any three uses of Database Management System.




Q.15               Asian Pvt. Ltd. maintains the employee salary details in the worksheet given below:


  A B C D E F G H
1 EmpId EmpName Basic HRA DA PF NetSalary Bonus
 2 E101 Ram Chandran 12000
E102 Manish Kumar 25000
E103 Srikant Naidu 18000
E104 Meena Jain 40000
E105 Shefali Gupta 38000
E106 Abhishek Jain 27000
E107 Romilla Babbar 32000
E108 Anupriya Singh 21000



Write a formula to do the following tasks:


  1. To calculate the HRA as 40% of the basic pay in cells D2:D9
  2. To calculate DA as 45% of the basic pay in cells E2:G9
  3. To calculate the PF as 10% of the basic pay in cells F2:F9
  4. To calculate the net salary as Basic+HRA+DA-PF in calls G2:G9
  5. The employee are given a bonus based on the net salary. If the net salary is greater than or equal to 50,000, display N, otherwise display Y in column H. What formula will enter in cell H2


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