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NSQF Question Paper 2017 for Summative Assessment-2 (SA-2) Automobile Technology “404”,”464″ Class 10

Roll No. _________________                                                         Code No. 404/464

Summative Assessment – II

Automobile Technology

Class 10


Time:  1 Hour                                                                                       Marks: 30

Section – A

Q1. During manual Cleaning of vehicle, all the doors and windows of vehicle should be:

a) Closed

b) Open

c) Half Open

d) Half Closed

Q2. If the mileage of vehicle is between 4000 km and 15000 km you will only need to ___________

a) Change the lubricating oil

b) Top up the lubricating oil

c) Warm the lubricating oil

d) Cool the lubricating

Q3. Air filter is made of ________________

a) Iron

b) Wood

c) Steel

d) Paper

Q4. Two of the most important aspects of positive body language in customer service are_______.

a) Talking and Smiling

b) Smiling and indicating

c) Smiling and eye contact

d) Talking and walking

Q5. The useful life of consumer electronics is typically __________ years.

a) 3 – 5 (three to five)

b) One

c) Two

d) Seven

Q6. For proper repair, servicing and maintenance, it is necessary to _____________.

a) Read owner’s manual

b) Read service manual

c) View the pictures of service manual

d) View the list of spare parts

Section – B

Q7. How will you check the lubricating oil in the engine of automobile vehicle?

Q8. Write important aspects of customer service.

Q9. What do you understand by ‘Customer Support’?

Q10. What is the utility of microprocessor in a vehicle?

Q11. State any two advantages of reading service manual.

Section – C

Q12. What do you understand by “Know Your Product” in customer service?

Q13. Why crash testing is necessary in a vehicle?

Q14. Write any three differences in owner’s manual and services manual.

Section – D

Q15.  Make the list of material and tools required for changing engine oil.


          Write the steps to be followed in changing ‘Air Filer’.



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