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NSQF Practical syllabus of “Introduction to Tourism and Hotel Industry (754)” for Class 11 CBSE




Time: 2 Hours                                                                                                            Marks: 40


Unit1: 5

  • Prepare a project on the conservation of energy resources that are getting affected with the various activities of Tourists.

  • Students need to prepare a chart revealing the negative impacts of Tourism on the Environment.

  • Visit different tourist destinations of your city and prepare a report by taking feedback from the visitors regarding improvements that are required at tourist destinations.

  • Chart preparation on classification of tourism classification.

  • Project work on environmental impact of tourism.

Unit2: 5

  • Conduct a survey on any two profit-making and non-profit making businesses in the hospitality industry in your local area. Observe below mentioned points for both the businesses and compare them.

(i) Food and beverage items served.

(ii) Type of food service Décor of the establishment.

(iii) No. of employees.

(iv) Rate Range.

  • Make a list of the top ten lodging operations in your community. Show their name, chain affiliation, no. of guest rooms, and rate range.

  • Chart preparation on classification of hotels.

Unit3: 5

  • Role play and identification of the type of communication involved in the below mentioned situations by the students:

(i) Telephonic conversation between two friends.

(ii) Circular taken out by the Front Office Manager.

(iii) Person thinking in his mind and talking to himself.

(iv) Group discussion among two or three persons.

(v) Instructions given by a Boss to his Junior.

(vi) Suggestions given by a Subordinate to his Senior about the improvements required at the work place.

(vii) Person transmitting message through facial expressions or gestures.

  • Alone, or in group of five, make a list of the kinds of communication that you consider helpful and those you find causing hindrance while performing a work.

Unit4: 5

  • Role plays by students on the grooming standards of the following staff:

(i) Grooming standards of Chauffer evaluated by Bell captain.

(ii) Grooming standards of Bell boy evaluated by Lobby Manager.

(iii) Grooming standards of Guest Relations Executive evaluated by Duty Manager.

(iv) Imagine that you are the Front-office Manager of a hotel. What instruction would you give to your staff to ensure that they always look well groomed and in a presentable condition in front of the guest?

Unit5: 5

  • You are the Front-office Manager of a hotel. Recently, there have been a lot of complaints from guests that they had to wait for a very long time when checking out. Suggest what help you could do to solve the problem.
  • There is a newly built hotel in your area. To the owner of a newly built hotel would you recommend him to install computers in the hotel or not.

Unit6: 5

  • Imagine that you are a guest in a hotel. To which attribute of an employee you would appreciate more.
  • Assume that you are the Front-office Manager of a hotel. You are expecting a VIP guest who is about to arrive later in the afternoon. Explain what type of attributes having in an employee you will assign for handling VIP guest.

  • Demonstration of personality traits required for front office personnel through role play.

  • Perform role plays revealing the below mentioned important attributes of Front-office personnel.

(i) Punctuality.

(ii) Honesty.

(iii) Communication.

(iv) Courtesy.

  • Role play of receiving a guest at main porch.
  • Role play of welcoming a guest.
  • Role play of receiving a guest at reception.

Unit7:                                                                                                                        10

  • Prepare an assignment on Country, Capital and Currency of the world.
  • Does a project work on different countries’ Airlines and their Codes?
  • Make an assignment on different facilities available at Airport.
  • Neatly prepare an assignment on various tourist destinations in India.
  • Prepare an assignment on five chain hotel properties operating in India and list 10 hotel properties of each chain along with their location.
  • Make assignment on enumerating the benefits of computer in our day-to-day life.
  • Neatly prepare an assignment on different wild life sanctuaries and National parks situated in India.
  • With the help of pictures depict “Char Dham” of India and briefly introduce each of them.
  • Make a project on major hill stations and beaches of India.
  • Pick any one personality trait of front office personnel and illustrate it with the help of 50 words. Neatly Depict it with the help of a picture.


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