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NSQF Practical syllabus of “Basis of Front Office (753)” for Class 11 CBSE





Time: 2 Hours                                                             Marks: 40


Unit1: 5


  • Activity I: Students to write on a paper their experience of visiting a hotel and a restaurant. They should discuss the difference they found in the product and services of the two.
  • Activity II: Draw the staff hierarchy of a large hotel and present it to the class in a team of four students.
  • Activity III: Draw the Management organization chart of a large hotel and present it to the class in a team of four students.
  • Activity IV: Draw the departmental organization chart on the basis of revenue and present it in the class.
  • Activity V: Discuss in the class room about the staff positions which may be eliminated in a medium size hotel and a small size hotel respectively.
  • Activity VI: Discuss in the class room the advantages and disadvantages of multi tasking by staff members in a hotel. Assume that you are the Front office manager of a hotel, from your perspective, what are the advantages and disadvantages of working in a large hotel with specialized positions in comparison to a small hotel where many positions are combined into one position.


  • Activity VII: Students to classify the following departments on the basis of revenue and write in the column.

– Department – Classification

– Front office –

– Engineering & maintenance –

– Kitchen –

– Shopping Arcade –

– Food & beverage service –

– Accounts –

– Human resource –

– Sales & marketing –

– Purchase –

– Travel Desk –

– Business Centre –

Unit2: 5

  • Activity I: Each student to prepare a model of any one type of guest room in a hotel and present it to the rest of class with explanation of its unique features.
  • Activity II: In a group of four students to prepare a chart depicting four different types of rooms keeping in view the dimensions of beds and other facilities.
  • Activity III: Group discussion on the relationship between type of hotel and the type of rooms offered by that type of hotel.
  • Activity IV: Discussion on alternative type of room which may be offered to the guest if his desired type of room is not available in the hotel.

Unit3: 5

  • Activity I: Students to perform a role play interacting as a group of guests and front office personnel discussing the contents of different meal plans offered by the hotel and their applicability depending upon the specific requirement of each guest.
  • Activity II: Work sheet.

Fill the following in given chart:

Room only Plan, Bed & Breakfast Plan, Room + American Breakfast, Room + Continental Breakfast+

Lunch+ Dinner, Resorts.

Meal Plan Other Name Inclusions . Preferred by

European Plan Room only Business hotel ,Transit hotel, Motels

Continental Plan Room + Continental


Business Hotels.

Bermuda Plan Bed & Breakfast Plan Hotels with lot of

sightseeing around such

as historical / heritage


American Plan Full Board / En Pension Resorts

Modified American Plan Half Board/ Demi-


Room + Continental

Breakfast+ Lunch/



  •  Activity III: Group discussion on relative merits and demerits of Check out time basis of charging and 24 hrs basis of charging.
  • Activity IV: A guest checked in at 09.00 hrs and checked out at 18.00 the next day. According to the 12 noon check-out time basis he is to be charged for three days. Enact a role play on the ensuing argument between the guest and the cashier and the explanation provided by the hotel to the guest on this system of charging.
  • Activity V: Students should visit nearby hotels and collect tariff cards from the reception. Each student should design a tariff card of Hotel ABC on the basis of his own creativity.
  • Activity VI: Role play by 2-students one as a guest other one as a receptionist.

Unit4: 5


  • Activity I: Students in group to draw the front office staff organization chart for a large hotel and medium sized hotel respectively on the chart paper and present it in the practical class room. · Activity II: Teacher to familiarize the students with the different racks and equipments in the practical lab.
  • Activity III: School should organize a field trip for the students to have a firsthand look at the equipments used in hotel for front office department and their usage.
  • Activity IV: In groups of four each, Students to prepare a presentation on any one section of front office and to present it to rest of the class with the help of chart papers.
  • Activity V: Each student to impersonate different front office personnel by speaking 2-3 lines of a dialogue about his job profile . Other students of the class should try and recognize whom he is impersonating.
  • Activity VI: Chart preparation of departmental organization of hotels.

Unit5: 5

  • Activity I: Students to draw the layout of lobby in their chart papers with use of different coloured sketch pens to demarcate functional areas of front office department.
  • Activity II: Students should collect pictures of lobby of different hotels and prepare a collage out of it for display in the practical class room.
  • Activity III: Students should individually, visit the lobby of a nearby hotel and share their experiences in the class room.

Unit6: 5

  • Activity I: Students to perform a role play highlighting the coordination among different departments of the hotel. Role play to be followed by a discussion on the topic.
  • Activity II: A group of students to enact the role-play of morning meeting of the executives of the hotel and highlight the co-ordination among them for efficient functioning of the hotel.

Unit7: 5

  • Activity I: Students should visit a nearby hotel and have a look at the equipments used for security purpose such as Metal detector, File alarm, smoke detector, CCTV, safety locker, etc.
  • Activity II: Fire fighting demonstration by an expert for all the students.
  • Activity III: First aid demonstration/training for all the students by an expert.
  • Activity IV: Teacher to divide the students in groups. Each group to plan and act a role play on the handling of following emergency situations:
  1. a) Handling Guest Illness.
  2. b) Handling a Bomb Threat.
  3. c) Handling a Drunk Guest.

Unit8: 5

  • Activity I: Assignment for the students to visit the websites of different hotels & hotel booking portals and discuss in class about their observations.
  • Activity II: Role play on handling of reservation request over telephone and filling of reservation form.
  • Activity III: Exercise in filling up booking diary.
  • Activity IV: Exercise on Filling up of advance letting chart.
  • Activity V: Exercise on filling up of density chart.
  • Activity VI: Exercise on handling room reservation through Whitney system.
  • Activity VII: Exercise on filling of cancellation/Amendment form.
  • Activity VIII: Exercise on filling of Room Status Board.



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