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Meaning of “A Gerrymandered Job” phrase of Idiom, definition and synonyms use in sentence.

A Gerrymandered Job

The noun “job” originally meant a patched piece of work, a temporary repair. In civic affairs it has come to mean an undertaking ostensibly in the public interest but really for one’s own prom. This detestable conduct is called “job-berry,” A “gerrymandered” and a “jerrybuilder” are closely-related tunes. Both are dangerous to social well-being, for they always act selfishly, even recklessly. Since time began, there have been building-contractors who, for the sake of mere pelf, have endangered the lives of their fellow-citizens by using inferior materials in their constructions. In ancient Rome the jerrybuilder became such a public nuisance that he was obliged to sign all contracts with the words: “sine-cera” (without wax), thus indicating that he would not use cracked marble filled in with wax.

The phrase has its origin in a certain Elbridge Gerry, Governor of Massachusetts, who became Vice-President of the United States in 181 z. This man, though he made him-self immortal by enriching the English language, used his high position as Governor so to partition the political areas as would give his party an undue advantage over his opponents. A plan of one of these areas, in its outline, appeared to an artist, who observed it, to have a peculiar animal resemblance. He added a head, wings, and claws, exclaiming jocularly: “That’s a good salamander I” “Gerrymander!” retorted his friend sarcastically. Thus, the word passed into history. Mein. Hist. Boston, III (1881).

Gerry may have learned his tricks from English history, for James II, a prince of political tricksters, sought to legislate by “gerrymandering’ Parliament. In order to ensure the enactment of a Bill for the furtherance of his own religion among a hostile people, Lords-Lieutenant of counties were directed to “bring about such a ‘regulation’ of the governing body in boroughs as would ensure the return of candidates pledged” to support the royal policy. Those who refused to obey were dismissed from their posts. James next tried to intimidate the justices, but these also failed him; and in the end this royal gerrymandered was driven from his throne and country.


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