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Meaning of “A Frankenstein Monster” phrase of Idiom, definition and synonyms use in sentence.

A Frankenstein Monster

“The landlord and the capitalist are both finding that the steam-engine is a Frankenstein which they had better not have raised.” —SIDNEY WEBB: Fabian Essays, 38 (1889).

A metaphorical Frankenstein monster is a situation —political, financial, ecclesiastical, or domestic—which has been created through folly, and which has become so potent and uncontrollable that it is now a menace to social stability.

The story by the wife of Percy Bysshe Shelley of a human form made by a student, named Frankenstein, from fragments of human bodies which he found in the dissecting rooms of physiological laboratories, and in cemeteries, is the age-long story of all forms of avarice and stupidity: soulless creations overreaching themselves, and being eventually destroyed by their own folly. This mechanized monster was-complete in all the animal attributes: muscular and mental strength and activity along with all passions and appetites, but it lacked a soul. Though it craved reciprocity in love and affection, these things were totally denied to it. Its muscular strength was prodigious, and, knowing nothing of morality, was exerted always on the evil side. Hence, it was feared and shunned by all who knew of its existence.

Becoming progressively aware of its own limitations and deformities, it manifested a passionate dissatisfaction with its creator, and sought every means to avenge itself on the young student, who always managed to avoid its clutches. Then, fully realizing that it was spiritually dissimilar to all other humans, it wreaked its terrible wrath in turn on the friends and relatives of the unhappy young Frankenstein. Finally, in complete desperation, this artificial production of man, this being—at once human and mechanical, a power without a soul—fled the society of humankind. Frankenstein regretted his creation; but only from the motive of fear. He would have killed the monster, but it was now beyond his power to do so. He had created something greater than himself, and when the monster at last returned, he was himself slain by it.


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