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Love Letter Example “Letter from a Gentlemen to a Widow”

Dear Madam,

Best by doubts as to the interpretation you may have given to my long and assiduous attentions. I am impelled by an all powerful passion to adopt this method of conveying to you the state of my feelings towards  Often I have essayed to express myself verbally, but on each occasion, I was deterred by the dread though that my advances might meet with your disapproval.

Can it be that my unswerving constancy and the evidences I have given of unselfish and abiding affection have failed to awaken in your heart reciprocal sentiments, or am I to attribute these harassing suspicious to the vagaries of an imagination wrought up with the fear of losing your love?

Surely my eligibility for the honored   title of husband to so lovely a woman as yourself is no way questionable.

 I am young; rising in my profession; possessed of ample means; and enjoy and enviable reputation. My family connections are second to none and my love for you is deep and eternal.

Anxiously awaiting a favorable reply , I am, yours.

With sincere devotion.

Ramesh Kumar


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