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Letter to Editor Example “Write a letter to the Editor point out against rising prices” Complete Application for all classes.

Imagine you are Promila Seth. Write a letter to the Editor of the Tribune against rising prices.

Examination Hall,

XYZ City,

September 19,20…


              The Editor,

              The Tribune,



              Please permit me to point out the menace of rising prices of essential commodities. I shall be obliged to you kindly publish my views by sparing me a column or two in your esteemed daily.

              The rise in the price s of essential commodities has become a very serious issue. The daily necessities of life are becoming costlier with each passing day. Prices of wheat, four, rice , pulses, sugar, vegetable oil and other basic necessities of life have touched new heights. In fact, there is no limit to galloping prices.

              The steep rise in prices has severely hit the poor and middle class people. They groan day and night under crushing weight of rising prices. The government must release that price line is the life line. Big businessmen and hoarders store things in their godowns and create artificial shortages in the market. This leads to an increase in prices.

              More fair price depots should be set up. Shopkeepers and traders must be ordered to put price lists of essential commodities. Black marketers and hoarders must be dealt with sternly. Much food should not be wasted in parties and marriages. People should understand the value of simple living and observe it in their daily life. Every step must be taken to check the rise in prices.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Promila Seth.


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