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Letter to Editor Example “Write a letter to the Editor for pointing out the growing incidence of drug” Complete Application for all classes.

Write a letter to the Editor of a newspaper pointing out the growing incidence of drug menace is India. Imagine you are Ambrik Singh and you are living at Delhi Gate, Barnala.


Delhi Gate,


August 25,20….


            The Editor

            The Tribune,



            Please allow me to express my views on the growing incidence of drug menace in India, through the columns of your esteemed Daily.

            Use of intoxicants and drugs is so common today that it has become a world-wide problem. Neither the poor developing countries nor the rich affluent countries are free from this menace. In India, the malady of the use of drugs has come from the West. It has now assumed serious proportions. Drug addiction is fast catching hold of young Indian boys and girls. It is mainly confined to big cities like Calcutta, Mumbai, Madras and Delhi. Hostels for boys and girls in colleges and universities of the country are the homes of these drug addicts. Most of the students start taking drugs as matter of fashion. But once they start, they cannot stop their use.

            It is a pity big rackets of smugglers and anti-social elements go unchecked. The market is full of drugs called ‘L.S.D.’, ‘Charas’, ‘Ganja’, etc. These induce different types of intoxication. Most of those who start taking drugs  are socially maladjusted people.

            Efforts must continue to drive out this evil from the country. The government should make use of all its advertising media to educate the use of drugs should be put behind the bars. Smugglers and anti-social elements must be dealt with sternly. Guidance cells should be opened in all the universities in order to provide guidance to the frustrated youth in the country.

            Please give a wide publicity to these views of mine in the interest of the youth of the country.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Ambrik Singh.



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  1. birendra nath maity says:

    very nice

  2. asha rani says:

    stern action should be taken against drug smoggler and drug peddler now there is fashion that each person is in the grip of drug the culture came from wetern countries from financial and health point of view drug abuse is nt good untill intentionally each and every body did nt understand their responsibility to eradicate than nothing could happen business of drug like charas ganja heroine is established at high level so the main solution is that seal the all boarders supply of drugs is common from afganistan now punjab government started new movement to become drug free state all the people are cooperating to save young generation untill each and every body of state dont able to capture drug traffelcer than no problem could be solved they dont think for the sake of state

  3. Sonia sood says:

    This letter is very long

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