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Letter to a Newspaper, Advocating the Opening of a Public Playground, for class 9, class 10 and class 12

Letter to a Newspaper, Advocating the Opening of a Public Playground 

The Editor,

The Hindustan Times,

New Delhi


Through the esteemed columns of your paper, I should like to call the attention of the public to the desirability of providing our town with public playground.

Preet Vihar is arapidly growing town, and the establishment of a few industrial concerns and laying of the rail tracks form Saheb Nagar to Karampura  have enormously incressed the population lately. The town is rapidly expanding in all possible directions.

The consequence is that we now have a large population of young men employed in these complexes and on these projects, who, when their work for the day is over, have nothing to do and nowhere to go. The college which we are all proud of, has its playgrounds but these of course are for the students only , and I am pleading for the need of industrial population. In the evening you will find the streets of the town crowded with idle youths wandering aimlessly about, or making themselves a nuisance to passersby. And worse than this (for “Satan finds some mischief still for idle hands to  do”) there is reason to believe that many of them are getting into bead habits in the lower parts of the town, betting the gambling , drinking and opium- smoking.

Now, if we have public playgrounds where these young men and boys could play healthy games – football, hockey, cricket and other games – they would be a great boon and blessing both to the youths themselves and to the whole life of the town. Such a place would provide opportunities for open air physical exercise, would improve the young men’s health, would give them manly and healthy recreation after their day’s work, and would keep them out of the way of temptation.

Now is the time for the municipality to acquire a suitable area of land before it is grabbed by the speculating builders. Such  a place could be laid out as a public park with plenty of playgrounds for the people. If the municipal funds are not sufficient for the purpose, I am sure there is enough public interest and spirit in the town to raise sufficient money carry the scheme out.




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