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Letter of Congratulations on Promotion to Your Friend

Write a Letter of Congratulations on Promotion to Your Friend

1, Ansari Road,

Darya Ganj,

New Delhi-110002.

8th September, 1990


Dear Roshan,

So now your company has finally realised your real worth by promoting you to the post of Sales Manager. It was really an unalloyed joy to know about your promotion which you rightly deserved. It is a piece of very happy news which I like to receive. I feel as if I myself have been promoted and not you. I am really proud of you as might be your other friends and relatives.

Let me send my heartiest congratulations on the happy occasion. I feel confident that you are going to be a big gun in the field of sales promotion and management of your company. It also means greater responsibilities and increased burden. Keep up the hard work but take care of your health.

I know you like challenging jobs and this promotion provides you with the thrill of challenges you so relish. Please write to me as how you feel on this advancement in your career.

With best wishes for more such promotions and successes.

Yours sincerely,

Dinesh Arya


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