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Learn How to Write Perfect Application for a Job, Rules of Job Application with Examples.

Learn How to Write Perfect Application for a Job

Job applications are very important applications because your whole future lingers on your ability to get a good job and your ability to get a good job depends on your ability to write a good application for a job.

It is always better to break new ground in writing a job application instead of following in the rut of tradition because employers do not read an old boring hackneyed application. Always adopt new trends in writing your job applications. Mention the following points in your applications for a job :

1 Name, 2. Age. 3. Education, 4. Technical Qualifications, if any, 5. Domestic status, married or unmarried, 6. Personality, 7. Training, 8. Experience, 9. Talents and abilities. 10. Record and past history, 11. Health and work habits, 12. Character, 13. Aims and ambitions in life.


There are two types of applications: Solicited Applications and Unsolicited Applications.

1 Solicited Applications: Solicited Applications are those that have been generally written in response to the advertisements from the employer. We are producing below some of the advertisements figuring in the newspapers in response to the jobs wanted :

WANTED smart, fluent English-speaking Teachers for a Nursery School in Ashok Vihar. Apply within one week. Box 132173-CA, Hindustan Times, New Delhi-110 001.

REQUIRE immediately a Lady Typist with Short Hand knowledge, also able to operate the computer and knows upkeep of office filing system, attractive remuneration. Apply with bio-data to, Sidharth Mutual Benefit Fund Ltd., 104-55A, Sidharth Chambers, Adj. Azad Apartments, New Delhi-16.

REQUIRED Steno-typist, for a group of companies. The candidate should have sound knowledge of working on a Computer as well as be capable of handling correspondence independently. Candidates should have an excellent command of English. Please write/contact M/s Medi source Agencies Pvt. Ltd. 107, 28-29, Link Road, Feroze Gandhi Marg, Lajpat Nagar-III, New Delhi-24.


2 Unsolicited Applications: Unsolicited Applications are those that are written for seeking a job for which no advertisement has been published in any newspapers by the prospective employer.

This type of application has definitely one big advantage — the application does not stand to that big a competition to which an advertised job’s applications stand. Besides, the applicant can send the similar applications to a number of employers at the same time.


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