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Learn how to write Business Letter “Semi- Block Style“.

Business Letter “Semi- Block Style”

Semi-Block style is the mixture of both the indented style and the block style. In this style, there is no indentation in the first line of each paragraph in the body of the letter. All the lines of the paragraph start from the left set margin. All the other parts of the letter are typed more or less in the same way as in the indented style. It gives a neat and balanced look to the letter. A specimen of the Semi -Block style of business letter is given below.

Telephone No……….                             Sales Tax No…………..
Mobile No. ……….                                 Tin No…………………..
                                                                 23-A, Patel Road
                                                                 New Delhi –110008
Ref. No. CT/43/Accounts/2013       23rd May,….
M/S. Mehta & Co.
110, Prashant Vihar
New Delhi –110085
Sub: Request for Due Payment
Dear Sirs,

We regret to bring to your kind notice that we have not as yet received due payment of Rs. 86000/- against our Invoice No. 2345 dated March 23, …. for the supply of 10 Nos. of Steel Cabinets. The Cabinets were supplied to you in compliance with your Order No. 9087 dated February 12, …. As we are sure that goods supplied to you are in line with your specifications and meet your entire satisfaction, there is no possibility of any complaint from your side. We, therefore, sincerely request you to send us a cheque for Rs. 86000/- to settle the pending invoice without any further delay. A copy of the above Invoice is enclosed for your ready reference. 

We assure you of our best attention in all future transactions.

Thanking you,

                                                                                 Yours faithfully,
                                                                         for Concept Technology
                                                                               (Vijay Kumar)
                                                                           Accounts Manager
Encl: as above


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