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K.R. Narayanan – English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 8, 9, 10, 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Essay on – K.R. Narayanan-The Eleventh President of India

Sh. K. R. Narayanan was born on 27th October 1920 at Jujhawoor, a small village in Kottayam district of Kerala. He got his early education in his native village. He belonged to a poor family. His family was a victim of casteism. But these social taboos and poverty could not impede his dauntless courage.

He passed his graduation from Travancore University. He began his career as a lecturer. Then in 1944, he became a journalist. He served ‘The Hindu’ as its co-editor. Later he joined the group of ‘The Times of India’ as a correspondent.

He was sent by ‘The Tata Group of Companies’ to En- gland for higher studies. There he joined ‘The London School of Economics’. He was taught by Proof. Herald Laski, is a great scholar of versatile abilities.

He joined Civil Services at the age of 29. He was an IFS officer. He was sent to Rangoon as ‘High Commissioner’. He came into contact with a Burmese Lady, Martint Tint. Their love materalised into marriage. She was named Mrs. Usha Narayanan and now she is the first woman of India. He served his country in Tokyo, London, Australia, and Hanoi.

He was ambassador in Thailand and Turkey and then in China. In China, it was a challenging job for him as in those days our relations with China were very strained. He did not fail there in his mission and purpose. He got retired from IFS. He was appointed the Vice Chancellor of J.N.U. But again, he was sent in 1980 to America as an Indian Ambassador.

In 1984 he joined politics. He was elected as the Member of Lok Sabha. He held several posts in Rajiv Gandhi’s government. He worked as Planning Minister, Foreign Affairs Minister, Minister for Science and Technology. In 1992 he was sworn in as the Vice President of India. Then in 1997, he was elected the eleventh President of India. He is a man of great wisdom. Under his Presidentship India is likely to carve its niche in the community of the world.

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