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Job Promotion Congratulation Letter, complete letter of Congratulation example.

Job Promotion Congratulation Letter


This is formal type of congratulation letter written within the organization by senior authority to inform an employee about  his/her promotion in the company. Congratulation letter written for formal purpose should have polite and professional mannerism. The employees name and his designation in the company should be specifically mentioned to avoid miss use of the letter.

Mr. Mayank Shah

Junior Accounts Officer

J & K Chartered Accountants

North Avenue


17 September, 2011

Subject: Job Promotion Congratulation Letter

Dear Mr. Mayank,

We are pleased and honoured to inform you with respect that you have been promoted from Junior Accounts Officer to Senior Accounts Officer in the organization. I congratulate to you on behalf of the company for this achievement of yours. As your post grows in the company your responsibility towards your work will also increase. You have achieved this promotion within a span of one year with all your hard work and dedication towards your work. We expect the same behavior from you in future even though you- got a promotion.

Your new salary structure and details about compensation everything will be mentioned in the official promotional letter which will be given to you very soon. If you find any queries or difficulties related to this matter you can contact the human resource department on the intranet of the companies’ website.

Once again many congratulations to you and all the best for future growth.

Yours Sincerely

Ms. Lily Human Resource Manager

J & K Chartered Accountants


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