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Informal Massages Matrimonial Letter example “Matrimonial Advertisements with reply” English Letter Writing

Massages Matrimonial

In ancient India pundits arranged marriages ; in modern Indian newspapers often do it. Not long ago it was considered mean and ill-mannered to advertise for marriages, and rightly too, because the matrimonial columns were monopolized by the thugs and crooks. Recently genuine elements are coming into the field. More and more educated people go to the open marriage market  in search of their life partners. Here the choice is wider and the pleasure of selection is greater.

Consequently , many sensible people are coming out of the traditional grooves and going straight to the matrimonial columns in the true business spirit. This, however , does not prove that there are no marriage racketeers. There they are and in plenty too. Therefore , need for caution is greater than ever. You must feel the ground as you advance. A headlong venture is likely to land you in trouble.

Do not trust those advertisers who make very tall claims about their material possessions, income, etc. it is the empty vessel that makes much noise. If you are tempted to many yourself “rich”, see that the material claims are properly verified. Usually these prove very hollow. Most of the rally rich people still do not depend on advertisements  for bride- hunting. Beware of the professional bridegrooms who marry every month to collect dowries. They send their wives back to their parents and remarry under a different name.

While answering advertisements, put your cards on the table, face up. State all facts fully, freely and frankly. Hiding a skeleton in the cupboard never pays. Full frankness on both sides is the prerequisite of a successful matrimonial effort.

Matrimonial Advertisements

There are hundreds of advertisements appearing every week; and unless you can distinguish between trustworthy and untrustworthy insertions, your path will be thorny. After interminable negotiations with different parties you will probably land yourself in trouble. The following advertisement are shady and you should be nosy enough to smell a rat in them.

‘ A match , well settled in life, for a Brahmin educated and accomplished girl of Eighteen, belonging to a very respectable family. Simple marriage. Please apply box 9999 CA, The Hindustan Times, New Delhi – 110001.

Reply to Above


The Advertiser No. 9999 CA,

C/o The Hindustan Times ,

New Delhi – 110001.

Dear Sir,

 With reference to your advertisement, I have the pleasure to respond, on behalf of my friend.

He comes of a noble Brahmin Family. He is young graduate of twenty-three. He is in Govt. service.

His views on religion are broad and liberal. His ideas about wife, I should express, are not very modern. He is not in for a beauty that is only skin-deep. He prefers it rather to the beauty of soul, in that it is stable.

Should you interested in the young man, please correspond.

Yours faithfully,

Ram Gopal

Reply to Above

Dear Mr. Ram Gopal,

Thanks for your letter dated January 2, I have the honour in introducing to you a beautiful skin and well accomplished girl of eighteen. She belongs to a respectable Brahmin family. She is at present putting up at her brother’s in Poona.

If the above particulars suit your requirement, kindly favour me very soon. May you like to ask for some information in your next letter, I shall be much pleased to furnish the same. Here I must add that the girl is well- versed in house- hold affairs and can read and write English and Hindi.

Faithfully yours,

J.R. Sharma


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