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Informal Letter example “To an Angry Husband” English Letter Writing

To an Angry Husband

My Dear,

Forgive me. You know I am a foolish girl. I am really sorry that I had to tell you lies. You were cross with dear Akshaya and this  I could not tolerate easily. I know, but for my intervention you would have beaten him or may be ….. I hope you would agree with me that by telling a lie I did succeed in averting a great calamity.

I had wished to stay on at home until your return in the evening. But Suresh came to tell me that you had  desired that I did accompany him and remain with sister Ajaya at the nursing home. I thought it only proper to accompany him least that should arouse a chain of suspicions in the imaginative brain of young Suresh.

Akshaya felt sorry afterwards. I hope you would forgive me for the lie and implore that you would also forgive dear Akshaya.

Ever yours,


A Reply

Dear Prem,

I feel sorry for having fried you. I do admit that you did avert some calamity, if not a great calamity. I can now see things through. We cannot blame Akshaya alone for the incident.  I hope you would return soon from the nursing home.

I love you  all more for your lie, “A fraction of lie doth ever add pleasure” – says Bacon.  I know that Bacon was not altogether wrong.

I hope, however, you will not practice the above maxim of Bacon too often.

Yours in bondage,

A Liar’s Husband


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