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Importance of Trees, Complete English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 9, 10, 12 and Graduate Students Exam.

Essay on ‘Importance of Trees’

Essay No. 01

There has been a lot of debate about the environment in the past few years and the world is getting more aware of the problems of pollution. There is a tremendous and pressing need to protect our forests. The planet earth is rich with natural resources but man has been ruthlessly exploiting them. This has played havoc with the ecosystem. The dense forests of yesteryears have become sheer wastelands. Trees are important to us because they have the capacity to absorb the carbon dioxide from the air and convert it into oxygen which is excellent for human beings and animals as well. The pollutants in the air have the capacity to make us sick. Many diseases are caused by the lack of oxygen in the air. People living in overcrowded cities have lost the luxury of living among trees because most of these have been cut so that buildings, offices, and houses can take their place. Trees also beautify a city to a great extent. They provide shade to passersby and make summer months easy to deal with. It may be noticed that often as one goes to an area that is rich with trees is cooler than the area where there is no greenery. Hence land close to such a green area is always more expensive because anyone who builds a house there will enjoy the cool effect of the trees around him. Trees have many medicinal properties and often herbs are used to make cosmetics and medicines. These natural cures have been tried for many years in the past and now trees are producing oil, drugs, etc. for medicines and are used in various kinds of therapy. Trees provide the atmosphere with a pleasant aroma and the natural smell of trees is a source of great relaxation for anyone who sits close to it. There is no doubt that the recent drive-by various social groups to plant trees is a very commendable one. Schools, Colleges, and other clubs and institutions should gear up and plant trees with a vengeance so that all the trees that are now lost can be replaced, and maybe then we can save our planet.

Essay No. 02

Importance of Trees

Trees are vital for all living beings. Without trees survival of mankind is impossible.

In the past there were huge jungles. Man’s demands were limited then. But with the increasing population man’s need | for more and more wood for fire, furniture, doors and windows, railway sleepers etc. increased. The demand of wood for various purposes went on increasing day by day. The jungles started disappearing.

The cutting of trees proved very harmful. This caused land erosion, floods, and landslides. Trees actually provide good cover to land. They help in restoring underground storage of water. They keep the air fresh and full of oxygen. Trees take in nitrogen and leave out oxygen which is very necessary for human beings and other living creatures.

Trees help in maintaining ecological balance. They give us fruit and leaves to plant-eating animals. Beasts of prey eat the plant-eating animals. In this way, trees, directly and indirectly, give us food. They also provide us with leaves and roots which are used in preparing many medicines. Trees keep the environment clean. They also provide us with wood, shelter, and shade. We should cut down only dry trees. We should grow more and more trees if we want to keep our- selves and our coming generations healthy and alive.

Keeping the importance of trees in view our government has started various programmes in order to grow more and more trees. Some hilly people stuck to trees. They preferred to die rather than allow the people to cut down trees. This movement was called the ‘Chipko Movement’. Their efforts proved successful. The cutting of trees was stopped when the government met with the stiff and determined will of the hilly people. We should bear in mind that life without trees is impossible.


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