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Ielts 7 Band essay sample “Freedom to Children: Beneficial or Hazardous” Complete Essay for Students

Freedom to Children: Beneficial or Hazardous

The flourishing era is flooded with innumerable discourses that attract the attention of the upper section of society as well as compel common people to ponder over the issues. The phenomenon of giving children freedom is the hot potato of the day. The guardians are in a fix whether to emphasise the growth of children by gifting them liberty or keep a check on their activities to ensure their well-being in all forms. To initiate with the bright side of providing freedom to the wards, the first and foremost gravitating feature is that the blooming buds can only grow acceleratory in the atmosphere without obstacles. Their overall development can be achieved with the medium of channelizing their energies in their desired streams. For instance, if a child is inclined towards sports but his or her parents are not giving the child liberty to make choice then it will hinder the growth of the children. Moreover, the modern dwellers are more concerned about the individual identity so it is mandatory for each and every one to become self-recognised and self- reliant as early as possible. It also helps them in making efficient decision makers, sophisticated individuals, able leaders and charismatic personalities.

On the flip side, the excess of freedom can work as a spoiler for the juveniles. They can fall astray as the children are not that much experienced in the matter of taking judicious decisions. Bad company, wrong suggestions, tempting ways of leading life and dreams of pseudo aristocracy are all the ill effects of rendering the wards liberty in excess. Apart from this it hinders the smooth flow of family relationships as children becomes self-obsessed and neglect their duties and responsibilities towards family and elders. The fissures expand into bigger rifts with the passage of time and widen the gap in family ties. Furthermore, the well of drug addiction drags the adolescents into it who roams without any guidance and restriction.

To save the posterity from negative aspects and to ensure their full-fledged growth a confluence of freedom and restriction should be there. The parents, teachers, the members of society must consider this seriously to avoid the bitter consequences of imbalanced attributes. A wise guidance timely supervision, an eye on friend circle along with activities is very crucial to make them follow the right path.



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