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How to write Letter of Invitations- Letter to formal invitation to dinner

Invitations Acceptances and Regrets

All invitations fall into two general classification—formal and informal

Formal invitations are usually written in the third person. Sometimes printed cards are available for this purpose, which requires only the insertion, in blank space provided,  of the name and the details of gathering. If the function is a large one, it is advisable to have a card specially printed. Informal invitations are more or less friendly letters requesting friends to attend a particular function. They are brief, to the point and have somewhat formal language as compared to the language used in friendly and intimate letters.


Formal Invitation to Dinner

Mr. and Mrs. M.K. Jain

Request the pleasure of

Mr. and Mrs. S.P. Sinha’s Company

At Dinner

On Friday, 12th  May, at 8.30 P.M

22, The Mall,


Informal Invitation to Dinner  

Dear Mrs. Jain,

Will you and Mr. Jain have Dinner with us on Sunday next, at seven o’clock?

It’s a long time since we have the pleasure of seeing you, and we do hope you can come.

Yours sincerely,

Antia Bhaskar


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