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How to Write a Letter of Apology with Example

Letters of Apology

Since none of us is perfect, there are occasion when it is necessary to apologize for a mistake, error, oversight. A letter of apology must be written promptly. If there is an explanation, devote a few sentences to it if there is none admit it, since a lame excuse will do little towards smoothing ruffled feelings. Express your regrets and assurances that such an incident will not happen again. Offer to arrange for repairs of to pay for damages. The letter should convey a sense of sincerity and cooperation on your part.

Dear Mrs. Raj,

The superintendent informed us that you were annoyed by our television last night. We certainly do not want to cause you any disturbance, particularly in view of Mr. Raj’s condition. If you had called the matter to our attention immediately, we would have lowered the volume and closed the windows.

The boys are extremely interested in night baseball games, and though I do not wish  to ask them to forgo that pleasures, I will see to it that they take every precaution to keep the sound from disturbing you.

If at any time you should find our activates, brother , some, please do not hesitate to let us know. We shall try to co-operate in every was we can.

Sincerely your,



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