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How to Write a Congratulations Letter?, complete Congratulation Letters example.

Congratulations Letters



Congratulation letters can be written for any reason whether it is someone’s marriage ceremony, birth, promotion, achievement or success. Greeting for congratulation can be done verbally by personally meeting the respective person or else a congratulation letter can be written. Letter written for congratulating someone should state the feelings of the sender towards the receiver.

How to Write a Congratulations Letter?

This is a letter based on how to write a congratulations letter. Many steps and terms and conditions should be followed while writing a congratulations letter. The letter should address to the reader to whom the congratulation wishes should be given. The language used here should be very polite.

For some occasions or the other it is compulsory to write congratulations letter to our friends, to our relatives and even to other people to whom we want to give best wishes. The congratulations letter can be of a formal nature or a informal nature.

Some examples of congratulations letters are business congratulations letters,, anniversary congratulations letters, birthday, promotion, job, wedding, etc. Different occasions need different way and language used to write congratulations letter. Giving congratulation wishes to someone is like sharing happiness with each other. Congratulation letters are to be written to people who are either very close to us like friends, relatives or to the people whom we know. These letters should not be written to the people whom we don’t know. It sounds very odd if we write congratulations letters to such kind of people.

The letter should be written in such a way that I should impress the reader and create an impact on him. The reason should be made clear for which one is writing congratulations letter. At the end of the letter thanks you should be written.


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