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Home is Always Sweet Home, Complete English Essay, Paragraph, Speech for Class 9, 10, 12 and Graduate Students Exam.

Home is Always Sweet Home

My school had arranged a trip to a hill station last year. My class and I had gone to Kashmir for six days. We left Delhi by air and on reaching Srinagar I was enthralled by the beautiful place. The breathtaking beauty of Kashmir moved me and I thanked my teachers for having brought us to such a beautiful place. We had booked ourselves into a hotel and we went and asked the manager for our rooms. We were in for a great shock as the manager informed us that he had not received the message sent by us. He said that he would try to put us up somewhere. We were in a big mess by now. Thirty-five students and I stood waiting for the manager to arrange for some alternate hotel for us. He tried various phone numbers but he got a negative answer everywhere. We began to panic. Kashmir is a very cold place and the very thought of all of us being left without a roof over our heads sent a chill down my spine. Even the people of the state were no longer as friendly as there were many political problems in that state. Finally one of my classmates thought of contacting her uncle in Jammu. She rang him up and he arranged a few rooms for us over the phone. However, we were given some rooms in one of the other hotels in Srinagar. We all drove back to that hotel and we had to spend three days huddled close together in that hotel room. Although we enjoyed ourselves a lot in Kashmir we had a terrible experience of having to line in just three rooms while there were thirty of us. Ten of us were expected to make ourselves comfortable in one room which had just one bathroom and toilet. Our plight was pitiable and we all started praying that this trip would come to an end. At the end of the trip, we made our way back to Delhi. To my delight, I reached Delhi within a few hours by plane. As I drove towards home and finally when I stepped into my home I heaved a sigh of relief. I was filled with a warmth that I had missed for so many days and when I saw my bed and my room I exclaimed “Home Sweet Home.”


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